Fitness Testing

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At AM activ we use fitness testing as a way of gaining information about the health, skill and fitness level of an individual. Our fitness testing protocols will highlight an individual strengths and weaknesses which will enable us to design a training program that’s specific to your needs.

Furthermore, fitness testing can be used for ongoing evaluation our training programs and assist in setting future training goals. Lastly at AM activ we use fitness testing for talent identification and maintaining motivation.

AM activ Fitness testing include the following:


Body composition: Body composition can be thought of as the amount of fat or muscle the athlete has within the body. The body composition can influence your athletic performance and is especially important to endurance runners where body mass is repeatedly lifted against gravity when running.

Flexibility Testing: The sit and reach test is a common measure of flexibility and specifically measures your lower back and hamstring muscles. Assessing your flexibility in these areas will identify strengths and weaknesses which may have an effect on your running

mechanics especially running stride length and stride rate.


Lung Function Testing: The value of lung function measurements is important to health. Lung function tests are used for an overall measurement of respiratory function and can help identify lung function weaknesses.

Power Testing: The rapid ability of your muscle to shorten and produce contraction is seen as an indication of power. The vertical jump test is used to evaluate power of your lower limbs. Your vertical jump height can also be used to monitor the effects of strength training programs that target your lower limbs.


Treadmill & Cycling Tests: The aims of the treadmill and cycling tests are to develop knowledge and understanding of your aerobic capabilities. From the tests we can evaluate and then design a training programme that is specific to you. This type of Testing should be an integral part of your training program and should be conducted regularly and frequently. Treadmill and cycling tests include- Lactate threshold testing and VO2max testing in the form of direct maximal assessment and indirect submaximal assessment.

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