Running and triathlon coaching for children

Fun and challenging sessions for younger athletes

We all know that good old hard training is important to athletes and their performance. Too much training, however, can place an undue stress on the body, leading to tissue breakdown and injury very quickly especially in children. Therefore, scheduling appropriate training stimulus is necessary for children.

At AM activ we understand the limitations of children when exercising and have extensive knowledge of the ways children generate energy.

AM activ have been coaching children in running and triathlon for many years so we have the ability to plan and structure training sessions to match a child’s current physiological and psychological abilities. We deliver running and triathlon based training activities for all ages (9-18) to enhance their optimum training stimulus without causing overtraining, burn-out or de-motivation.

Understanding a growing child or our young athlete's response to training is very important. At AM activ we have the experience to differentiate between exercise development and normal growth and thus can adapt training plans accordingly.


Research has shown that of the three training concepts, endurance training, short burst activity training, and strength training, strength training has the greatest benefit in children before adolescence and in young athletes as well. The added advantage of strength training is improving bone material to prevent against future osteoporosis.  These are just a few reasons why S&C training is also included into AM activ training plans for children.

We offer training sessions that are fun but also challenging, with a wide range of stimulus to keep children motivated and injury free. We include fundamental skills training for strength and endurance, coordination, sport-specific skills & agility sessions for running and triathlon.

If you would like your child or children to develop running and triathlon based skills please contact us for more details. Remember swim, bike and run is so much fun!

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