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How we can help improve your fitness and your life
Here are some of the benefits of being part of AM activ

A structured weekly/monthly training plan designed to your sport and your needs.

SMART training/fitness goals.


Training drills/sessions specific to your sport or fitness needs.


Strength & conditioning advice/sessions to enhance your fitness.


Advice on race preparation and tactics.


1-2-1 support at races.


Advice on metabolic health and weight management.


Being part of a team.


Regular fitness testing and performance analysis.


Regular phone/text and email contact with your coach.


Regular Sports massage.


At AM activ we strongly believe that taking a holistic to approach to improving your fitness is paramount for optimum fitness results.  We understand that everyone is different and people come with individual goals and challenges that  constantly change over time. Therefore we have created a fitness model that’s flexible and adaptable to meet the needs and demands of the individual irrespective of their level of fitness and experience.

We can create a structured training  plans  using a combination of our services below.

Details and costs

Personal training plans

Personalised online training plans which are dynamic, updated on a regular basis and monitor your progress. 

We use the online platform Training Peaks, (TP). TP is an online coaching service that uses a virtual training diary. TP monitors your performance and gives you the option to have constant  feedback between you and your coach. It allows your coach to plan and review your training for optimum performance. It has many advantages such as the option to  link up with devices such as heart rate monitors, GPS watches and Power Meters.


Bronze training plan:  £30 for the initial consultation then £45 per month.

The Bronze plan  includes the coach monitoring the athletes progress  and adapting their  training plan accordingly every month. Interaction between the athlete and the coach is 2-3 times a month via Email / WhatsApp or Virtual means such as Zoom meetings.

Sliver training plan: £30 for the initial consultation and then £70 per month.

The Silver plan includes communication with the coach on a weekly basis through Training Peaks , ongoing advice, access to performance management charts on Training Peaks and instant notifications of performance progress. 

Gold training plan: £30 for the initial  consultation then £100 per month. Includes all of the benefits of the  Silver training plan, plus unlimited support and guidance. Gold plan also includes a 20% discount on sports massage and 1-2-1 coaching services

AM activ race team members also receive additional discounts and benefits from AM activ Ltd. For more details please contact us.

Specific coaching/training sessions

A 1-2-1 hour long session to work on technique/skills to enhance performance in swim,bike,run and general fitness.

Cost: £35 per session for adults.

Running and triathlon coaching for children

Training sessions that are fun but also challenging, with a wide range of stimulus to keep children motivated and injury free.

View more information on running and triathlon coaching for children.

Cost:  £20 per session

Please contact us for more info.

Learn to run

A personalised coaching session to get beginners ,or those who just feel out of shape or very unfit, up and running. You will work with a qualified Pose method running specialist (the Pose method of running can help you run faster, run longer, avoid injuries & reduce impact on your body by improving your technique).

View more information about our beginners running program.

Cost: £35 per session for adults, £20 for juniors from 9-18 years old.

Psychological Skills Training

Psychological Skills Training to focus on improving attention and concentration.

View more information about Psychological Skills Training


£35 per hour

Strength and conditioning & personal training

Our strength and conditioning & personal training  sessions  designed to  help you become stronger and faster and keep injuries at bay.

View more information on strength and conditioning.

Cost: £35 per session

Sports Massage

A 1 hour session to prevent injuries, aid recovery & general maintenance.


View more information about our sports massages.

Cost: £35

Open Water Swim Training

AM activ hosts open water sessions at Lake Ashmore in partnership with Liquid skillz.

For more information please go to our open water swimming page or email us on: 

Please  read and sign  our new open water swimming Code of Conduct and disclaimer.

The AM activ   sponsorship  scheme for young athletes  (age 14-23) is designed to help the athlete achieve the very best results in their chosen sport. If you are interested in the AM activ sponsorship scheme please view the full information here.

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