AM activ Services

How we can help improve your fitness and your life
Here are some of the benefits of being part of AM activ

A structured weekly/monthly training plan designed to your sport and your needs.

Specific training/fitness goals set for every athlete.


Training drills/sessions specific to your sport or fitness needs.


Strength & conditioning & personal training sessions to enhance your fitness.


Advice on race preparation and tactics.


1-2-1 support at races.


Advice on metabolic health and weight management.


Being part of the AM activ race team.


Fitness testing and performance analysis.


Regular phone/text and email contact with your coach.


Sports massage.


At AM activ we strongly believe that taking a holistic to approach to improving your fitness is paramount for optimum fitness results.  We understand that everyone is different and people come with individual goals and challenges that  constantly change over time. Therefore we have created a fitness model that’s flexible and adaptable to meet the needs and demands of the individual irrespective of their level of fitness and experience.

Details and costs

Personalised coaching/ training plans:

Cost: £45 - £200 per month.

For the athlete who is looking for the ultimate training programme tailored to their needs. We can structure a bespoke training programme designed specifically to fit in with your personal/professional commitments and your training/ racing schedule.

AM Activ race team members receive 10% discount on all training plans.

One-to-one coaching/training & sports massage:

Cost: £40 per session or 10 sessions for £300.

We also offer you one-to one coaching for running, cycling, and swimming. We can structure and deliver personal training/strength and conditioning sessions to enhance your performance. Sports massage can aid your performance and help to prevent injuries occurring.  

AM Activ race team members receive 20% discount on all 1-2-1 coaching and sports massage.

Who we coach:

We coach highly motivated individuals who want to get the most out of their training. Age-group triathletes who are aiming for European & World championships & Kona qualification. Age- group athletes who want to improve their own performances in distances from Sprint to Ironman. Multi-sport athletes who want a structured training programme to generally improve fitness.

Whatever the goal, we can make the plan work for you to maximise your optimum performance.

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