Strength and conditioning

Get stronger and improve your performance

Like fitness trainers and exercise instructors, strength and conditioning coaches help others to improve their fitness. But coaches with strength and conditioning knowledge differ from the others in one very important way—the clients they work with are focused on improving their performance or skill in a particular sport.

At AM activ we use S&C to bridge the gap between theory and applied science to maximise an athlete’s genetic athletic potential.

What AM active can offer you using specialist S&C principles:

  • We can design specific training sessions for all components of your fitness.

  • Design long term training plans to enhance your performance.

  • We will coach movements for stability and posture improvements.

  • Test and assess our athletes on a regular basis.

  • We can liaise with your Physiotherapists regarding your injury management.

  • We can give sound nutritional advice to enhance your performance.

  • We understand biomechanical and physiological data.

  • And we are aware of our athletes psychological make up.


What our S&C programs can do for you:

  • Help you become stronger and faster.

  • Improve your speed and strength.

  • Improve your mobility and stability.

  • Improve your muscle balance

  • Increase your capacity to perform work.

  • Improve recovery from fatigue.

  • Decrease your injury risk.

  • Give you faster recovery times from training.

  • All of the above will promote extra time for training thus increasing your performance.


S&C is about choosing the right training strategy that’s specific for your sport at precisely the right time. It’s not just what strategy you use, but how you link and progress the strategies together to:

  • Avoid negative impacts in performance.

  • To achieve maximum performance outcomes.