Hear from those we've already helped

I won the BRJ Duathlon yesterday I was first female home! This wouldn't have been possible with out the commitment and support from the greatest coach Andy Matson! You have filled me with confidence and the training has been fantastic (hard but fun) and I look forward to these sessions every week. You're a star! The training plans have made such a difference and keep me motivated to achieve my dreams!
I can't thank you enough and look forward to the future and what you have planned for me for 2017!

CC Hime, GB Age Group Duathlete and Triathlete

Today I ran Bourn 10km in a time of 46.32mins (just 4 secs away from my PB) and I placed overall 2nd Senior Female, 1st Under 21 Female and 48th overall out of a field of 307 runners.
I wouldn't have been able to achieve what I have today and in previous races if it wasn't for Coach Andy.
Andy has been the most amazing coach I could ever ask for, he puts up with me when I'm in a mood after a bad race, when I'm dancing and singing in turbo sessions, when I am feeling it after 6mile LT runs and after my 50 press ups in SGP sessions!
After working with Andy over the past few months, my confidence has improved massively as have many other skills including my speed and strength, both mentally and physically.
Andy has been host to many bad times in my running career but not just the bad ones, he has also witnessed many good ones including today.
This time has been the best time of my life as I have met so many amazing people in BRJ including Andy without whom I wouldn't be writing this majorly long post!
I just want to say a massive thank you to Andy and to my wonderful parents for supporting me in my running career so far and I am so looking forward to working with them and improving further in many months and years to come! xx

Chloe Loosley, Cambs County runner

Well that is the end of my tri season. I asked a lot of myself today as finished the season with back to back half iron distance tri's.The conditions today could not have been any worse! Heavy rain that made riding quite dangerous at times with standing water on the roads.
But I have finished the season on a high! A finishing time of 5:11; 23rd lady home; 4th in my age category and very confusingly because it's England middle distance championships I was 3rd in my age category. (The winner of my age was not a BTF member.)

I could not say thank you enough to my coach & friend Andy Matson for agreeing to coach me. I have gone from strength to strength with his guidance and belief in me. This one was for you! You deserve it as much as me having to put up with me.

I am looking forward to resting (did I just say that) before commencing my winter training ready to come back stronger in 2017.

I would also like to thank all my friends at BRJ (too many to mention by name) for their support over the last year. You are all wonderful and special.

Berenice Curtis, GB Age Group Triathlete

Both of my daughters have benefitted from Andy’s training poster plans. Andy creates training plans specific to their individual needs and abilities. The plans focus on an overall goal whilst accommodating other life commitments at the same time.
Andy’s plans smoothly knit the three triathlon disciplines together and the girls really enjoy the visual aspect of his schedules. Both girls have been highly successful as a result of Andy’s expertise and coaching.

Paula Elliott, Parent

Thanks to Andy's help and support, I went from never having done more than an olympic triathlon to becoming a fully fledged Ironman in a year. His training plan was incredible, never overloading me and always having a rhythm, switching focus at the right times to maximise my performance. More than the plan itself though, the personal coaching time with Andy was the major factor in helping me to deal with this enormous challenge, keeping me calm and focused with his wealth of knowledge and advice, targetting my weaknesses and helping me play to my strengths. In the end I did a time of 10 hours 40 minutes which far exceeded any expectations I had. Without Andy's help, I never would have achieved that.

Bren Vaughan, Triathlete

I had a dream of one day completing an Ironman 70.3. I realised that dream in August 2016 thanks to Andy’s training plan and expert advice given to me over the months. Having run the London Marathon in the spring, my attention turned to training at all 3 disciplines. His plan helped me do this in small, manageable chunks. Never did I feel pressurised by the training and it fitted in well around running after my busy family. Having his support and the all the support of my family and fellow club members at BRJ helped me enormously. I never would have realised this dream had it not been for you Andy….thank you!

Rachel Miller, Triathlete

For a coach there is no better reward than seeing athletes they help excel in their chosen sport.

Molly Sutherland is one such athlete who has her sights set to the top of her game. Molly is not a triathlete or a cyclist nor does she apply her skills around an oval 400m running track, although she can now run a mean 800m. Molly's chosen sport is the competitive world of football and by all accounts ia damn good one to. Molly came to me to work on her sprinting speed over very short distances so that she could be the first to every ball. Together we worked on her running technique using The Pose Method of running, plyometric exercises and specific strength exercises to enhance her performance.

In Molly's own words " I feel lighter on my feet and more powerful now". Molly's short term goal was to improve her sprinting for her up and coming football trials. So she worked hard with me and at home on specific drills for improving her sprinting. All I can say is WOW! What a transformation in such a short time, well done Molly.

How did Molly do at her trials? A contract with Leicester City.

Nice one Molly and the very best of luck.


We turned to Andy to help us train for the Devises to Westminster 125 mile kayak marathon after Josh injured his shoulder and we needed assistance to get our training back on track. Over the last couple of months we have worked on strength, balance and endurance during circuit type sessions.
Each session is varied and fun and we are now back racing having completed our first 13.5 mile race on February 4th 2018.
Andy's expertise and experience in nutrition and the management of pre-race jitters, really helped us to stay calm and focused for the race whilst the Sports Massage Andy also provides, has really helped Josh's shoulder recover.

Thank you Andy.

Fiona and Josh, Kayakers

40 things to do before your 40!  Run a half marathon in under 2 hours and complete a triathlon........”I thought they were meant to be fun things?” I heard my sister say.  Fun was certainly not what the rainy day of 14th October 2018 had in store as I prepared to pound the streets of Peterborough for the Perkins Great Eastern Half Marathon but when I crossed that finish line in 1hr 55mins I knew the 16 week AM activ training plan had all been worth it.

My attention turned to my first triathlon.  I didn’t hesitate to ask the Ironman himself Andy to help me with my journey.  I knew he wouldn’t laugh at my goals of; not drowning, not falling off my bike and not to come last!

My 16 week training plan was full on from week 1 but varied so that it kept me interested and looking forward to the next session.  It pushed me out of my comfort zone and saw me not only wearing a wet suit for the first time but achieving goals that had me beaming from ear to ear.

Joining AM activ Race Team enables me to train with all levels of athletes from juniors to season best GB age group qualifiers and from day one I have felt like I belong and feel very much part of the team.

Anne-Marie Fellows, Triathlete